1.) To provide rapid organizational changes for healthcare organizations by working side by side with its leaders.

2.) To prepare healthcare leaders to manage 21st century obstacles to success.

3.) To grow internal talent for successful leadership and succession planning.

4.) Partner with our clients to find break through strategies and create new ways of working for healthcare advancement.

Optimize the health of the public through effective healthcare leadership and organizational excellence. Including; advancement of strategic vision, cost containment, quality care, improved operations and overall profitability.


Guiding Values

Delivering organizational change and developing new leaders. Deploying your current, internal resources to make major leaps forward in your organization.


Why the Institute

was Founded:

  • Cost effectiveness calls for openness to ideas, persistence and follow through on results.  The quick fix of cutting people/services at the expense of quality does not provide long lasting profitability. Thoughtful evaluation of expenses, & profitability coupled with a good growth strategy is what leads to lower cost.
  • Leaders are the heart of healthcare excellence, and have an accountability to serve the public with excellent care and financial stewardship.
  • Creating collaborations by inviting participation, and eliminating silos leads to breakthrough advancements.
  • Knowledge and capability are already present in the people, it needs to be noticed and promoted.
  • Best practices, data and research coupled with innovation and a keen sense of the local situation accelerate sustainable outcomes.
  • Commitment, pride and meaningful results provide the foundation for excellent patient care and team success.
  • Partnering with each other with a spirit of cooperation, a sense of humor, and the utmost respect is imperative to finding our potential as a team.