​Our network of implementation specialists will ensure your progress and success. Edgework has assembled a faculty that includes specific expertise required to transform your organization and achieve your required goals.

Faculty Proficencies

  • Strategy and Planning for service line optimization
  • Staff productivity - benchmarks, budgeting, monitoring
  • Organizational Design
  • Leadership Development and succession planning for executives, middle managers
  • Supply Chain and Revenue Enhancement
  • Clinical Variation
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Physician Leadership - Practice & Performance Management
  • Controls and Risk management
  • Project management, meaningful use of Data,  measuring and reporting outcomes


Edgework Institute: Specialist Network 

Kelly E. Styles,  RN, MHA, PsyD, Principal

mobile: 310.435.8247
office: 702.967.0677

Dr. Styles brings a unique approach with his clients by gathering internal best practices, incomplete initiatives or in-process LEAN/Six Sigma programs to begin transforming operations within the first 2-3 weeks.  He believes that most leaders understand what needs to be done, but need assistance organizing, monitoring and implementing changes system-wide through boundary crossing teamwork.

Having experience in emergency nursing, finance and operations, Kelly brings a distinctive perspective for coaching middle management, physicians, executives and board members. Specific expertise in:

  • Targeting Staffing reductions and Organizational changes through a Rapid Scan process
  • Reducing Clinical Variation and varying physician practice patterns to reduce resource consumption and length of stay
  • Developing Middle Management and succession planning

Recent client’s outcomes:

  • 4-year plan with $72M turn around
  • Reducing case cost by $650 for hospitalists’ group
  • Established programs to monitor spending, tied to budget and strategic planning

Laurie Shiparski, RN, BSN, MS, Principal

mobile: 616.717.2207

Laurie Shiparski has many varied experiences in clinical nursing and healthcare leadership in the US and Canada.  She has been a trail blazer in advancing; nursing professional practice, evidenced based practice,  inter-professional practice, automation of healthcare documentation, creating healthy workplaces through communication and teamwork and effective staffing and scheduling systems.

Laurie’s experience in healthcare operations and change management has enabled her to partner with healthcare leadership to implement change that improves quality care, and sustains a strong financial status. She has a unique ability to address unsolvable problems at the front line and at the organizational level.  Laurie has shared her experiences through consulting, publishing, retreats, workshops and speaking engagements.

She has specific expertise in:

  • Targeting Staffing reductions and Organizational changes through a Rapid Scan process   
  • Clinical-financial expertise and development of those partnerships between finance and clinical departments.
  • Implementation of innovative staffing, scheduling and productivity systems, mentoring directors and middle managers in nursing and ancillary departments.
  • Improving physician practice (clinical variation, documentation & billing)
  • Improving patient safety while reducing cost

 Recent client’s outcomes:

  • 4-year plan with $72M turn around.
  • Reduction of nursing vacancies and short staffing by initiating and right-sizing central staffing resource pool, implementing new graduate program and innovative recruitment strategies.
  • Assisted medical records with improvement with Clinical Documentation (CDI) program yielding 6 million dollars year one.
  • Turn around of a perioperative department, expanded revenue and improved operations and finances. Worked with director and middle management to expand services align staffing to volume.  Initiated Periop 101 program.
  •  Reduced 1:1 patient sitters utilization by 60%.
  • Established programs to monitor spending, tied to budget and strategic planning.