Creating Successful Leaders

Edgework Institute is the respected resource for healthcare leaders who want to grow internal talent for leadership / management positions.

By igniting the excitement of becoming a competent leader, Edgework guides your candidates through a series of tests and challenges.  Successful candidates move forward to promotion, ensuring successful leadership succession for your institution.

Why Engage Edgework?

  • Begin Succession Planning
  • Avoid Recruitment Timing and Costs for new leaders
  • Provide growth opportunities for your middle managers

The Program

1. Situation Assessment

  •    Option 1: Rapid Scan Diagnostics
  •    Option 2: Target areas or candidates already identified
  •    Establish Program Goals: Financial, Competencies, and Operational
  •    Setup key metrics for monitoring
  •    Recognize 3-4 Candidates for development

2. Develop, Challenge and Test Core Competencies

  • Define a Real-Time Project for candidates to pursue within a 2-3 month timeframe including; proposal with ROI and impact, using innovative approaches, project management, leading an implementation team, trouble shooting, and reporting results.
  • Comprehensive Competency testing – performance, intuition, analytics, desire and general skill sets; assessment of developmental needs
  • Financial and Operational Skills – Building a business, budgeting, understanding direct/indirect costs factors, general accounting and spreadsheet skills
  • Human Resources Competencies – staff management, assessments, handling employee issues and resistance
  • Communications – professionalism, tone and manner, listening skills, integration of staff culture and their viewpoints; managing information and use of technology