Edgework Institute is your resource to assist healthcare organizations to quickly identify required changes to meet financial and quality goals through:

  • Accelerated targeting of desired changes
  • Assessment of your team’s readiness to accept and implement change
  • Organizational mapping
  • Facilitation and “dusting off” of your known, yet to be implemented ideas
  • 1:1 leader guidance
  • Leadership retreats

Our Edgework Faculty will:•Become an integral part of your executive team

  • Apply the psychology of change to stalled initiatives, curtailing excuses 
  • Deploy expert guidance to strengthen your management team
  • Bring proven tools to move from idea to implementation
  • Leverage and develop your internal people, we go beyond traditional consulting.

Edgework Institute is the respected resource for healthcare leaders who want to grow internal leadership talent,  while advancing organizational strategic vision, quality, operations and profitability.

Our Pathway to Profitability... Focused Targeting and Team Building